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#WeALLKnowSomeone who could use a Butt Muffler!


“I purchased a Butt Muffler for every man in my life.  My boyfriend, 2 older brothers, one uncle and my husband”.  “Cleaner air. Thanks Butt Muffler!”

Kathy- Seattle WA

“It works! Now I always make sure to have a Butt Muffler in the chair that my mother in law will be sitting in at our house”.

Alex- Sacramento CA   

“I love it in the car.  There is non-slip bottom material so cushion to stays on seat.  Works great for long distance travel with my kids (teenagers and their friends)”

Erin- Dallas TX

The Gag Gift that Works!" 

Saving the Planet, one Fart at a time.

About us

We at Butt Muffler take farting very seriously. After years of research and development we are now proud to introduce the Butt Muffler and make it available to the general public.  Painstaking hours went into discovering where, when and why people fart. After all the data had been compiled, we concluded; people fart whenever and wherever they want, sometimes without even realizing or caring that other people are sitting near them.  During the developmental stage of this product, some dedicated scientists here actually lost NOT their lives, but their sense of smell.  All were small sacrifices to fulfill our mission statement; The Butt Muffler: Saving the Planet, one Fart at a time.

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“Great product for trips in the car.  My car seat stays cooler now and I can fart with others in my car”.
John- Billings, Montana

"I like the Butt Muffler in my office chair at home because it keeps my butt cooler and dryer.  I don’t fart, but my wife says I do."
John O - Minneapolis

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"I love it for long car rides.  I had my friend use it in the car from L.A. to San Francisco; best car ride ever.  The Butt Muffler works!"                  
C.Willi - L.A.  California

“The air quality in the office is better after I purchased a Butt Muffler for a workmate.”
Noel E - Spearfish, South Dakota

"The Butt Muffler saved my marriage."
Ann R - USA